There are two subraces of Dwarves: Mountain Dwarves and Hill Dwarves.


Hill Dwarves are native to the continent of Terras, while Mountain Dwarves tend to live on and in the higher mountains that rise above the lands of Talon. Hill Dwarves tend to live lower, among other races of Terras. They both avoid the lowlands, and typically have a fear of open water or flooding.


They are very technologically minded, and will prefer mechanics to magic most of the time. They are a loyal people, to their gods and their families. There are a number of Mountain Dwarf Kingdoms under the mountains, but there is no Hill Dwarf King. Instead, they typically swear fealty to whoever rules in the land they live in (as long as they are a just ruler). Dwarf clans are numerous, but they don’t worship them the way the Dragonborn do. Instead, a Dwarf’s clan is more of a social status.


Hill Dwarves typically follow The Dawn War Pantheon, sometimes favouring Moradin over the other gods. Mountain Dwarves on the other hand tend to worship only Moradin. Some will go so far as to say that Moradin is the only god. As a result of this near-monotheism, Zar is often secretly worshiped, with Moradin seen as an aspect of Zar.


Dwarves are the same in basically every work of fiction. This one isn’t much different. That said, not all Dwarves are the same, and there could be several black sheep.


Hill Dwarves are a little shorter on average than Mountain Dwarves, but it’s only noticeable when they’re together. Their description is the same as it is in the PHB (pg 18). Female dwarves don’t grow beards.


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