Gnomes are native to the lands of the Feywild, like their cousins the Elves. There are two subraces, the Forest Gnomes, who tend to associate with Elves, and the Rock Gnomes, who associate with Dwarves. Gnomes in general are more uncommon on the material plane (away from the Feywild), but when they come here, it is rarely to live, and more often to learn. Gnomes are inquisitive as anything, and must know how everything works, from mechanical devices to the very concept of magic itself.


Gnomes are not usually religious. There is no denying that gods exist, but studying a god is more often theoretical than practical, which does not appeal to the average gnome. At most, the average gnome will have an appreciation for Gaia, who flows all throughout the Feywild.


As stated above, they must know how everything works. This results in the occasional awkward question in social interactions. Gnomes are very gregarious, and are most often friendly with all manner of beasts.


Though they’re about the same size as Halflings (maybe a little smaller), Gnomes tend to have more angular faces, and sport facial hair more easily. If in doubt, look for pointed ears. Gnomes have them, Halflings don’t.


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