There are two sorts of Halflings who are distant cousins. Lightfoot Halflings live on the western coast regions of Terras, along lakes, rivers, and swamps, sometimes living on them, in houseboats. The Stoutheart Halflings are more widespread, living all over the continent. The Lightfoots are usually traders and merchants, and it is not uncommon to see a guild in a major city almost completely run by them. The Stouthearts are more often farmers or miners, pulling resources from the ground or taking care of animals. They happily share Terras with the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves, living more often in their cities than independently.


Halflings will more often than not follow The Dawn War Pantheon, particularly Avandra, their patron deity. Stoutheart Halflings often also offer worship to Moradin, calling him Uncle Mor.


Annoyingly optimistic, Halflings tend to see the best in most situations. A depressed Halfling is a very uncommon sight. Perhaps due to their size, they also are uncommonly brave, to make up for it.


Halflings are the same as described in the PHB (pg. 26).


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