The Kingdom of Septos is located in the middle of Terras, between The Elven Forest to the north, and The Arrandan Hills to the south. To the west lies The Witchmarsh.

Septos is all that remains of a former province of the Andvari empire. It is a fertile land, but there are more abandoned farms across the land than working ones. As it lies between elven and dwarvish lands, it is home to all manner of races.

Its position as crossroads between many nations puts it in a delicate balance. The king of Septos, King William Preston, guards the border roads strictly, though the interior of his kingdom suffers from bandits, marauders, and monsters. Each road that leaves the province is protected by the ruins of Andvari guard towers, and all are manned by several guards at a time. To enter or leave the kingdom by the roads, one is expected to have very good reason, or else very good coin.

Two major cities lie within Septos, Three Streams, the capital, is in the middle of the kingdom, and Aberwyvern, a smaller town, sits on the western shore. Many other small villages dot the countryside, based around logging, mining, farming or fishing.

Cities and Villages


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