Tieflings are native to Skaarn, a continent just to the south of Terras and the west of Talon. Legend says that the first tieflings were the daughters of Asmodeus, the leader of all devils, and a human who he fell in love with. All Tielfings trace their bloodlines back to eight different noble houses, one for each daughter:

Children will be born with their mothers’ eye colour, so house-lines are matriarchal. Skin and hair colour varies from family to family, but eyes are unique to each house. To the outsider, there is little difference between the houses besides their eye colour, but there are subtle traditions passed down through the generations that make the real differences.


Same as PHB (pg 42), but more random. A child of two tieflings with the same colour skin or hair may have a completely different hair or skin colour. Same with their horns. The only constant is the eyes, which are always the same as the mother’s.


Tieflings are uncommon on other continents, but when they do spend time away from Skaarn, they tend to be more independant. While other minorities tend to stick together, it is rare to find two unrelated tieflings together in the same town, or if they are, they may not have made any effort to get to know the other. They are very willing to work with others for the right reasons, but being of the same race isn’t one of those reasons.


The dominant religion across the Sands of Skaarn is the worship of the dualistic gods Claeus and Creeus.


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