The Owlbear and the Ambush

What Happened:

The four adventurers, all celebrating their recent victories, were approached in the tavern by Therria, offering them a quick job escorting her to pick flowers by moonlight. They agreed, and partied on until midnight.

Just before they packed up their things to go, the captain of the guard, Moroseth approached them with a job. He had a message needing delivering to the nearby abbey, but didn’t want to spare any of his men to spend it, and didn’t trust it getting there safely with anyone else. As they were discussing the details of the fairly straightforward job, Mister Giller, the father of Tykonn, came forward, and quite politely (if not fearfully) asked that his son not be killed, but taken alive. He was politely ignored.

Just before they went to leave with Therria, a member of the town guard, Bill, came to assist them. He was the strong silent type, and was quite useful.

Escorting Therria into the woods for her flowers was simple enough. She quite specifically denied being a part of the mages guild, and was not at all suspicious about it at all. As she spoke with the four, they were interrupted by goblins and wolves dashing in the party’s direction. They readied for a fight, but were surprised to see that the goblins and wolves were not looking for a skirmish, but running from one. Soon after they appeared, an owlbear burst out, following them, intent on eating everything at the scene.

Bill and Fasenar quickly took up ranged positions and took out the majority of the goblins. Dresh and Thralldin smacked around the remainder of them and prepared to make a stand against the owlbear, while Eltharion climbed a tree, and prepared to drop down for a sneak attack.

In a surprising move, one of the goblins managed to get a very lucky hit in on Thralldin, knocking him to the ground, and beating him into unconsciousness until Dresh appeared, frying the assailant with his lightning breath. Therria brought Thralldin up to his feet, just as the owlbear came into attacking range.

With the help of Bill and Fasenar unloading into it, as well as Thralldin and Dresh keeping it at bay, it was nearly dead as Eltharion prepared his dramatic finish.

Unfortunately, Eltharion misjudged the tree he was hanging from, and tumbled from branch to branch, and landed face-first among the roots next to the owlbear. The distraction proved to be just enough, and the other four managed to finish it off.

One of the goblins survived the fight, and as Fasenar and Dresh skinned and de-clawed the owlbear, the others interrogated the goblin. They learned that the goblins were fleeing something the goblin called “the big dark” to the north, and were planning on fortifying themselves in Edge to escape it. After learning all they wanted to, they let the goblin go, under oath that he would convince his tribe to leave Edge alone.

Bill didn’t believe the goblin’s word was worth anything though, and shot him in the back.

The next day, Thorvald contacted the adventurers with one more task. He wanted them to take his magic spear, Spikereach, along with them to the abbey. Thud, the half-orc who has been lurking around town recently, is after it and Thorvald thinks it would be best if the spear was gone for a while. They agreed, and as he was his son, Thralldin was designated as its wielder for the short journey.

On their way to the abbey, the party decided to take a quick detour, and pay a visit to the camp they spotted by a pond in the forest. Sneaking up, they spotted two bandits, and as they were plotting their attack, two more showed up.

Regardless, in a flurry of arrows, crossbow bolts and magic missiles to the nuts, all four bandits were killed before they even had a chance to retaliate. The five adventurers continued.

As they came back to the main road, they heard the sounds of fighting up ahead. A number of the highwaymen had ambushed and trapped a wagon containing a monster, and were attempting to kill its owners, who were happily fighting back.

The party joined the fray, and fought a hard battle. The elf, one of the ones guarding the monster, fell dead from some archers, and nearly everyone in the party fell unconscious at one point except Fasenar, who wisely stood back and hurled spells.

Finally, the fight ended with Thralldin skewering the bandit leader with his father’s magic spear, and Dresh knocking an archer out of a tree, and getting shot by another.

The adventurers loaded up their wounded into the wagon, and continued towards the abbey.

Unresolved Issues:

- The bandits’ leader Tykonn is still at large. The leader of this ambush was only his second-in-command.
- Therria claims she is not part of the mages’ guild, but it surprisingly adept at magic, particularly potions and healing. She may be hiding something.
- Thud is looking for the magic spear Spikereach, and will supposedly stoop to any means to get it.
- The goblins to the east of town are slightly lessened, but still out there and dangerous to the town.
- Tykonn’s father asked that the party not kill Tykonn.



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