The Zombie and the Hook Horror

What Happened:

When the five heroes arrived at the Bulrushes Abbey, they handed over Moroseth’s letter and were invited to lunch. The remaining owner of the monster in the wagon parked it behind the stable, and joined as well.

Over lunch, the party overheard rumours that a bounty hunter was on their way to the abbey, where they would stay overnight before going on to Edge in the morning. Apparently there was a former member of the mages guild living in Edge, and this bounty hunter was bounty hunting them.

After lunch, the party was approached by the abbot and his second in command. The second in command, a friar, seemed hesitant, but the abbot was intent on asking for help. Leading the party to the catacombs, the party came upon a chained up undead goblin, who would’ve been half-drowned if it wasn’t already dead. The abbot explained that it had washed up on the lakeshore one morning, and they had managed to capture it and bring it down here.

Led by Dresh, the party decided to burn the creature’s body so it wasn’t a nuisance, and made a mental note to explore the ruins across the lake in the future.

Coming back above ground, the party was challenged with two issues. First, the could see a pillar of black smoke rising from Edge. But before they could muster their things and go to help put it out, they received word that Thud was waiting for them outside the abbey gates with a hostage.

With a well-timed and coordinated attack, Eltharion managed to push the captive woman out of the way of Thud’s crossbow, while Thralldin and Dresh pressed the attack against him.

Unfortunately, the woman was actually working for Thud, and using two wands, she turned on Eltharion, as well as somehow releasing the Hook Horror with the other.

However, the fight was still over quickly. Fasenar realized that the hook horror was deafened quite easily, and as good as blind when deaf, and so kept it deaf. Thralldin defeated Thud quite easily, while Dresh and Eltharion dispatched the woman, Samra. Once they were taken care of, they turned to the Hook Horror, and in a feat of great strength, Dresh slew the beast.

Rushing to Edge, pulling Thud and Samra along in the Hook Horror’s former cart, the party arrived just in time to help finish putting out the fire – a farmhouse outside the town walls had caught fire, and burned to the ground. No one was hurt, but now there was a homeless family.

Shortly after, word came that during the fire, goblins had taken the opportunity to fortify themselves in the abandoned tower by the mine. Fed up, Moroseth took the town guard and marched off to get rid of them once and for all.

The party didn’t feel especially good about leaving the town completely undefended, and stayed to guard it.

It was good that they did, because Tykonn and his remaining bandits took the goblins’ distraction as an opportunity to take the town. Sadly for them, they were not much of a match for the party, as well as Thorvald, Thud, and Samra.

Archie the Imp, who was flying over the town keeping watch, took a chance and tried to take out Eltharion. His venom succeeded in knocking Eltharion unconscious, but the rest of the party tore Archie to shreds.

After Archie’s death, the rest of the bandits were quickly dispatched, but Tykonn fled into the temple, taking the priestess as a hostage. Eltharion, helped back up by Thud, ran around the outside of the town wall, and snuck in the back entrance while the others tried to knock down the front door.

Ever so sneakily, he crept up behind Tykonn, and slit his throat before even being noticed.

The town was very grateful, and paid handsomely by Moroseth for their part in protecting Edge.

Unresolved Issues:

- Tykonn’s father asked you not to kill Tykonn, and now he’s dead. A grieving father makes for a bad enemy.

- Apparently a bounty hunter is on their way to Edge, looking for a former member of the mages’ guild.

- “The Big Dark” to the north remains a mystery. Perhaps it is linked to the goblin zombie you found at the abbey?



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