Day 4

The Arrest and the Assault

What happened:

After a week of resting up, the party was summoned to the front gates of Edge by the loud blast of a warhorn. Coming out, they saw the banner of The Red Brigade, a mercenary company that Dresh used to fight with. Dresh was surprised to see that the former commander, Lord Buckwood, was not leading the brigade any longer, but instead it was Buckwood’s brother, Arkrasius. Thralldin was surprised to see that at Arkrasius’ side was Inquisitor Qallia, a famous warrior-cleric known for hunting down enemies of the Dawn war faith. Usually she’d be off fighting heretics or something, not leading mercenaries to a small town in the middle of nowhere.

The mercenaries asked (not kindly) for Therria to be brought to them or else they would burn the town to the ground. While Thralldin and Dresh delayed them, Eltharion slipped away to warn her. He found that she already knew they were coming and had packed up her things to bring with her once she was arrested. She told Eltharion not to cause a scene… at least in town. She also may have left some certain vials on her table in her home that she hopes he would find the opportunity to throw at certain foes.

As the mercenaries were leaving with Therria, one of them, a dwarf named Garrel recognized Dresh, and offered him the opportunity to join up with the brigade again. The party accepted, and they rode off to the town of Gush, right outside the Dwarven Highways, to track down a gnomish mage who was lord of the town, and wanted by the king of Septos.

On the way there, while stopped for the night, the party casually threw Therria’s vials into her prison cart for her, and made themselves scarce. They were not noticed, and Therria escaped later on in the night, not implicating the party at all. Arkrasius directed half of the mercenaries to go after her, and led the other half on towards Gush.

As the party of Dresh, Eltharion, and Thralldin was new meat, they were sent in first to assault his keep. Poncius, the gnome, started off the combat by hurling a fireball down onto them. The only one hit by it was a poor mercenary who had neglected to seek cover. Dresh responded by throwing the mercenary’s still burning body at the front door in an attempt to knock it down. As it burned from the smoldering body, Eltharion managed to pick the lock, and they made a grand entrance knocking the door wide open, surprising the dwarven guard inside. The dwarves had made a small barricade of furniture and other supplies, and were defending the door with crossbows, but they were quickly overcome by a combination of Dresh dropping a chandelier down behind them and the others pushing them back. As well, they were backed up by other mercenaries wielding hand-cannons, blasting the barricade to shreds.

Just as the last dwarf was slain trying to escape upstairs, the party heard a tumult of water pouring down the stairs. Only Thralldin had time to react as the others were struck with boiling water conjured up by Poncius. The gnome made a grand entrance, riding the ceiling down several floors, and blasting everyone who got close. Dresh jumped onto the chunk of ceiling and began to trade blows, and Eltharion snuck up behind to backstab. Poncius brought the slab of floor up a storey with the attempt to escape and leave Dresh and Eltharion behind, but Dresh and Eltharion managed to kill him at the same time. Unfortunately, that meant his magic failed, and the slab fell down a floor anyway with them aboard. The picked themselves up and were promoted by Arkrasius for their service to the brigade, and then ordered to put Poncius’ remains in a bag to bring back to Three Streams.



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