The Pursuit and the Halfling Zombies

What Happened:

The Red Stream Brigade came across the remnants of the half of the company that had gone after Therria, decimated not by her, but by a tribe of undead goblins. Quickly, Inquisitor Qallia had organized herself, Eltharion, Thralldin, Fasenar, and Dresh, as well as one of the surviving mercenaries that were sent running from the zombies. The six of them headed back on Therria’s trail towards the ruins to the north of Still Lake, where she was believed to be heading.

Soon into their journey, they ran across a wagon filled with metal men headed towards Edge. The metal men were new soldiers created by Pharos, the tiefling inventor in Three Streams. Moroseth had requested new town guards, and these were them.

The six travelled around Edge, not wanting to bother the town any more than was necessary, and made a quick stop at the abandoned tower where they first confronted Archie. Inside, they found Srakka, the chief of the goblin tribe that attacked Edge a few weeks ago. He was basically just depressed about losing his whole tribe, and spilled the beans that he had been bribed by Archie the imp to attack the town. He was given the seal of Pharos the inventor as a gift from Archie, suggesting that Archie was working on behalf of Pharos.

After dealing with Srakka, they marched on some more. They travelled for a day uneventfully, but the next day, in the late evening, they came across a halfling fishing raft washed ashore in some reeds.

It soon became apparent that the raft and surrounding waters were inhabited by a number of halfling zombies, along with a couple of ghouls, who attacked the party. They were pushed back into a nearby cave by the shore, where they found a surviving halfling, who was suffering under some cursed wound. Eltharion managed to heal the halfling enough to get his story out of him, and stabilize him until their surgeon, Hopper, could fix the issue. Meanwhile, with the help of Qallia, the others held the zombies at bay.

Special note: At one point during the fight, Fasenar cast detect magic, and saw that the entire lake around them.\ was glowing with necromantically animated life.

After the fight, the halfling reluctantly agreed to join up with their ragtag bunch of misfits, because his only other option was to make his way alone.

Unresolved Issues:

- What’s with those “Iron Troops” (as they were called) heading to Edge?

- The mercenaries, the halfling fishermen, and the heroes themselves all witnessed a lightning storm a day or two before all the zombies began to show up en masse.

- Is Therria a good guy or a bad guy? Maybe both?



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