Day 1

The Funeral and the Wizard

What happened

All four adventurers came to Edge for Winifred’s funeral, as per Thorvald’s request. He revealed that he wanted them to come to Edge not just for the funeral, but to track down what it was that had killed her. They agreed to help, and set off in the morning.

After getting some info from the townspeople, and recruiting Carric to take them to the body, the party headed to the old abandoned tower by the mine. Inside, they discovered a somewhat hidden cellar, and in there, despite his lack of Darkvision, Dresh found three barrels – one empty, one containing an old vintage of wine, and one containing a secret lever, which opened a secret stair to a tunnel.

In the dark tunnel, Eltharion discovered the sleeping form of a mother owlbear in her nest with her chick-cubs. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, they all retreated up the stairs, shutting the door behind them.

Eltharion climbed up to the top of the tower, where he found an excellent view of the surrounding area. He spotted a camp by a pond to the west, a camp in the hills to the southeast, and a tower to the northeast. He could see faint purple-red smoke rising from the far tower, and with Fasenar’s help, they identified it as someone brewing something magical.

Having a good idea of what was out in the forest now, they followed Carric to where he had found the body. The location was nothing special, but they found some owlbear tracks leading south down the gully. The body was clearly dragged to where Carric had found it, so following its trail, Carric led them to where the body had seemingly appeared, only there were no tracks leading to it. Apparently the body had just appeared in that location.

Carric left at this point, eager to get home, but the party went on, soon finding themselves at the foot of the northeastern tower. Deftly picking the lock, Eltharion led them inside, and from the second floor, they eavesdropped on the voices they heard from the third floor.

The others convinced Eltharion to talk to the Wizard that was stirring something in the cauldron, but his conversation went mostly poorly, as the wizard was not completely right in the head.

While this was happening, Thralldin noticed a small troop of goblins coming up to the tower. Figuring that the top floor was the best place to hold out, the other three joined Eltharion at the top of the ladder. Fasenar got a little too close to looking into the cauldron, which the Wizard’s familiar took offense at.

The tense scene exploded into action as a hapless goblin poked his head up the top of the ladder. Dresh bashed in his skull in a single blow, sending him back down to his friends, dead. The Wizard turned Fasenar into a frog, and combat erupted.

DM Note: In combat, one round (each person going) takes roughly six-seconds in-game. So our combat, which was about three or four rounds, was less than a minute.

During the fighting, each time the adventurers could break the raven’s concentration, the wizard would attack the raven. Finally with the help of Fasenar (in frog-form) high-kicking the raven out of the sky, it was revealed that the raven was actually a shape-changing imp. It tried to fly away, but was knocked out of the sky by one of Thralldin’s throwing hammers.

Fasenar turned back into an elf, and the Wizard was immediately set free from whatever mind-control the imp had over him, and he fried the remaining goblins downstairs. One remaining goblin remained quick and tough to kill, until Thralldin bull-rushed it off of the edge of the tower.

The two elves rushed to find the fallen imp, but by the time they found where it had landed, it was already gone.

The Wizard, whose name was Marlon, explained all that he could to the four heroes. The imp was his familiar, but it had taken control of him, and had taken him far away from his home in the Duchy of Orton to the south. He doesn’t know what the imp had him brewing, but it reeked of necromantic magic, but also something else. Winifred came to the tower much like the four heroes did, and like Fasenar, she too was turned into a frog. The Imp, Archibald, took her, in frog form, and tossed her in the woods, where she died.

Marlon was in a hurry to get home, and offered the four their pick of what was there after he’d packed up his things, and they were happy to find a wand of healing.

They brought word to Thorvald of what had happened, and he was glad to have closure.

Unresolved issues:

- The mysterious Half-Orc that was at the funeral and the inn is still a mystery to the party.
- Therria’s request that you get her some mushrooms has yet to be fulfilled.
- The ex-town guard Tykonn, is still on the loose, doing highwaymanish things.
- There’s probably still plenty of goblins out there. Why?



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