Edge is a small town on the southeast corner of the Kingdom of Septos. The town is at the end of a small road leading off of the main road into The Arrandan Hills, It is situated between Still Lake and the Arrandan Hills. The belltower of a Dawn War temple pokes out of the trees, and the tops of a few other buildings are visible through the dark pines. The road carries on through the west gate of Edge and out a south gate further into the forest, where it curves through the woods to an iron mine and an old watchtower. It is a newer town, that has been built up to support the miners.

It has a Dawn War temple (with shrines to Erathis, Moradin, and Avandra), an inn: The Flighty Gnome, and enough facilities to support itself, like blacksmiths, tanners, and the like.

It is lightly populated with about one hundred fifty people, and as it is part of the Kingdom of Septos, occasionally a tax collector will stop by, but rarely take much. The town is mainly made up of Humans and Dwarves, but a few elf families live there as well. One Tiefling herbalist lives in the town, and she acts as the town healer. A gnomish caravan regularly makes the trip out to Edge at least once a season, as they have ties with the inn. Once a week, the shipment of iron ore is carted down to the lakefront where it is ferried west to Three Streams.

There is a wooden palisade wall around the town, enough to keep out any wild animals, but nothing smarter. The gates to the town are rarely shut, but consistently manned, either by the town guards (there are about twenty), or by hired adventurers.


The blacksmith is Thorvald, a retired adventurer. He took an arrow to the knee, which got infected, and he had to have the leg amputated. That didn’t stop him adventuring though; he kept going on with an enchanted peg-leg. He retired at middle-age, wanting to settle down with another dwarf, Winifred, that he had saved from a giant. Together, the two of them run the blacksmith in town, Winifred taking care of the business side of things, Thorvald taking care of the blacksmith side of things. They make their living repairing and selling standard adventurer gear. They sell…

Club – 1 sp
Dagger – 2 gp
Greatclub – 2 sp
Handaxe – 5 gp
Javelins – 5 sp
Light Hammer – 2 gp
Mace – 5 gp
Quarterstaff – 2 sp
Spear – 1 gp
Shortbow – 25 gp
Arrows (20) – 1 gp
Light Crossbow – 25 gp
Bolts (20) – 1 gp

Chain (10 ft) – 5 gp
Crowbar - 2 gp
Climbing Gear – 25 gp
Hunting Trap (small) – 5 gp
Hunting Trap (large) – 20 gp
Pick, miner’s – 2 gp
Shovel – 2 gp

You can also request any other item a blacksmith could make, such as armour, but it could take up to a week for him to make any large requests. These prices are at-cost; because Thorvald is an old friend of yours, he’s making no profit on you, he’s just charging you for the materials.

The store and workshop are on the bottom floor of the building, and their living quarters with kitchen and bedroom are upstairs. There is an outhouse, but for paying customers (or family) only.


Carric is a Wood Elf hunter who sells his wares to the people of Edge and passing adventurers. He knows most of the animals in the surrounding woods like some people know celebrities. His twin brother Chorric hunts as well, but is a more accomplished tanner. He sells leathers and furs to the townspeople and adventurers. He knows all about the animals by osmosis from Carric, but doesn’t care. They sell…

Padded (Fur) Armour – 10 gp
Leather Armour – 20 gp
Hide Armour – 20 gp
Studded Leather Armour – 60 gp

You can also request any other item made from animal by-products, but it could take up to a week to make any large requests. They also sell fresh game meat at wholesale prices.


The Inn is “The Flighty Gnome”. It is built partially into a hillside; about half the structure is underground, but the upper half has a large number of windows allowing plenty of light. It’s the sort of place that’s cool in summer, and warm in winter. A large fireplace is in the centre of the main room, with a chimney leading up and out. There are a good number of tables, some large, some small, as well as the bar counter and a few more private booths. As well, there are a couple of back rooms for even more privacy. Behind the bar is the kitchen and the innkeeper’s family’s living quarters.

It is typically the gathering place for miners, but sometimes adventurers as well, so it has a small board with jobs posted, as well as character sheets (Adventurer Resumes). There are two floors above the ground level, with five rooms on the second floor, and three on the third. It costs 1 gp for the night in a private room on the second floor, 3 for the third, or just 2 sp to sleep on the floor downstairs. All three options come with breakfast.

The innkeeper is Bernard Frankess, whose elder sister is the priestess at the temple. He is a mostly friendly human, but a large battleaxe hangs above the bar. There are three barmaids: First, Bernard’s wife, Abigail Frankess, one of those people who laugh too much at unfunny things and makes dirty jokes a little more than is comfortable. Second, Bernard’s daughter, Nettie, who is about fifteen and says “muuuuum” a lot. Third, Tena, a dwarf who is married to Hallfin Amberdwell, a miner dwarf. Tena and Hallfin live in a small house next to the west gates. Tena manages the adventurer board, with secretarial efficiency. Finally, there is the cook and his apprentice, Bjorn and Frall Buckman. Frall, the apprentice, is a much better cook, than Bjorn, who is going blind. Typically Frall saves most of Bjorn’s dishes from being awful. Bjorn is Frall’s uncle, and they live together in a house next to the blacksmith’s. Frall is from Aberwyvern, sent all the way to Edge by his mother because of fears about the Thieves’ Guild.


The Temple’s Priestess is Sister Farah Frankess, who performs weekly services at the temple. Farah is a former cleric of Erathis from Valoria, but is now retired and has settled in Edge to help the needs of the community. She can help with basic healing rituals, and curing diseases, but doesn’t typically go out of her way to help people who are not followers of the Dawn War gods. The temple is part of the town walls, and is right next to the eastern gate. Just outside the eastern gate is the town cemetery. Farah lives alone in a parish house attached to the temple.


The town’s herbalist and acting healer is a tiefling named Therria. No one knows much about her, but she’s lived in Edge for many years. She regularly goes out into the woods to gather plants and herbs to make potions, often at nighttime. She sells basic healing potions, but takes about a day to concoct them. They go bad after one week, and cost 10 gp each. They heal 2d4+2 hp each.

Therria lives in a house just next to the north gate of the town, and sees her customers just in front of it. She prefers to make house calls rather than have people come to her.

Guards’ Barracks:

The south gate of the town has a large gatehouse over it which contains the guard’s barracks. No guards actually live there, but they keep all their equipment and such in there, and it also contains the town’s jail cell. The captain of the guard, Moroseth Quillstream, a wood elf, has his office there.


There are three large farms to the west of the town, and they regularly sell their goods to the people of Edge. There is Raenel Dayflower, his wife Yaeris and their three children. There is Erik Barrowsmith, his wife Annie, and their four children. And finally, Jonn Lennox Jonn Lennox, his wife Jannet, and their three kids (one of whom is a newborn).

A five-foot high fence runs between the edge of the farmland and the forest.


Verinel Quillstream is the schoolteacher of Edge, and has a small one-room schoolhouse of about twenty children. She lives with her husband, Moroseth, the captain of the guard, in a house attached to the schoolhouse.

Iron Mine

The Mine’s foreman is Derk Amberdwell, Hallfin’s brother. The mine is a mundane iron mine which covers its own costs, but makes very little profit. The miners also uncover the occasional emerald – nothing too pricy or pretty, but they make for shiny baubles. A number of people around Edge wear them in jewellery.

Once a week, on Thursdays, Derk and three others will oversee the cart of ore down to the small dock on Still Lake, where a raft is waiting. The three others (Boren, Allan, and Thord) ride it down to Three Streams, sell the ore, and trek back up by Tuesday morning. (Two days down, four days up)

In the mine, if there’s no sound of mining, you can faintly hear the sound of running water, but it is impossible to know what direction it is. The miners haven’t found the source yet, but are fairly convinced that it is far enough to not be a worry.

Abandoned Tower

The tower doesn’t see much use beyond a storehouse for the miners. It was built centuries ago by an ancient king to fight the dwarves, but since his death and the subsequent peace with the dwarves, it hasn’t seen much use.


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