Terras is a mostly temperate land, home to forests, rivers, lakes and hills, but to the north of the continent lies vast tundra. Several islands lie along the coast.

The Andvari empire once stretched from the far west of Terras down into Skaarn and Talon, but since its collapse, all that remains are monster-infested ruins. Now small kingdoms lay claim to strategic and rich parts of the land, while the in-between gets more and more wild.


Terras is home to a number of races, who don’t always get along.

  • Humans are the dominant race across Terras, and the majority of the kingdoms are theirs. The majority of the wars are as well.
  • Dwarves tend to keep to the hills of Terras. Hill Dwarves are more prolific, but occasionally Mountain Dwarves will visit.
  • Elves are very common across the continent. Wood Elves are the most common, but High Elves are a regular sight, sailing in from their home island of Nymlora. Drow are uncommon, but the occasional night caravan from the The Underdark can be spotted now and then.



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