The Feywild

The Feywild, also called the Plane of Faerie, is a land of soft lights and wonder, a country of little people with great desires, a place of music and death. It is a realm of eternal twilight, with slow lanterns bobbing in the gentle breeze and huge fireflies buzzing through groves and fields. The sky is alight with the faded colors of the setting, or perhaps rising, sun. But in fact, the sun never truly sets or rises; it remains stationary, dusky, and low in the sky. Away from the settled areas ruled by the Seelie Court, the land is a tangle of sharp-toothed brambles and syrupy fens – perfect territory for the Unseelie to hunt their prey. Fey creatures, such as those brought into the world by conjure woodland beings and similar spells, dwell in the Feywild.

The geography of the Feywild is near the same as on the Material Plane or the Shadowfell. The three are mirror worlds of each other, with slight differences. What was a range of hills on Stone could be alpine peaks in the same location in the Feywild. A quiet grove could be a teeming jungle.

The Seelie Court

The Seelie Court is the ruling class of the Feywild. There are many Lords and Ladies, but there is only one King and Queen, Oberon and Titania, who would rarely appear before their subjects. Their ranks are made up mostly of Gnomes and Elves, although other magical creatures may appear among their ranks.

The nobility usually act as judges to the rest of the Feywild, dispensing judgement or arbitrating differences. They are most often mischievous towards either to each other or even to those from other planes. There is a legend that the moon is a result of a Fey prank intent on fooling humans into thinking that their sun had dimmed.

Their pranks rarely go too far, as they hold quite tightly to a rigid code of conduct:

  • Death Before Dishonor: A member of the Seelie Court protects his or her honor to the death. Honor is the single source of glory for the Seelie, the only way to attain recognition. A true Seelie would rather die than live with personal dishonor, and would never bring dishonor to another of the Seelie.
  • Love Conquers All: For the Seelie, love is the perfect expression of the soul. It transcends all other things. Though romantic love is considered to be the highest and purest form of love, platonic love is also encouraged.
  • Beauty is Life: Beauty is one of the first tenets of the Seelie Court. To belong, a faery has to be beautiful, and all beauty is to be protected. The Seelie are known to go to war to protect beauty, whether it is a beautiful person, place, or thing.
  • Never Forget a Debt: This tenet works in two ways. The Seelie are bound by their code of honor to repay any debt owed as soon as is possible. This includes both favors and insults. The Seelie will repay a favor in a timely fashion. At the same time, they will exact vengeance almost immediately.

The Unseelie Court

Not all Unseelie are evil, but most are. They will always act to their own benefit, even though it may not appear that way at first. Some of the Unseelie are fallen Seelie, who could not live up to the high standards given by the Seelie Court, while others are simply monstrous personalities intent on their own good.

Their code of conduct is:

  • Change is Good: The Unseelie firmly believe that security is an illusion. They consider chaos to be the ruling force in the universe, and accept that they have to adapt and change to survive.
  • Honor is a Lie: The Unseelie place no stock in the ideals of honor. Instead, they pursue their own self-interests vigorously. The Unseelie feel as if truth can only be reached through a devotion to self, not a devotion to others.
  • Passion Before Duty: Passion is considered to be the truest state of being. The Unseelie act without thought on pure instinct and passion.

Not all creatures in the Feywild fall into either court. Most wild beasts are happy to frolic among the wild forests, and several monsters happily consume the wild beasts, as well as members of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts alike.

The Feywild

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